Why were beautiful girls in Medieval Europe considered witches?

The witch hunt is one of the most striking events in Medieval Europe, leaving an imprint on the entire world history. For 200 years of persecution of witchcraft, the executioners

Why did the Church consider women the most susceptible to sin?

The persecution of women was initiated by the German monk Heinrich Kramer. He served for several years as a theologian of the Dominican order in Germany and convinced Pope Innocent VIII of the complete moral decay of this state and the mass interest of the population in witchcraft.

In 1484, after a short persuasion, Innocent VIII gave the Dominicans the authority to seek, judge, and execute all those involved in supernatural forces. Henry

The treatise was notable for its misogynistic ideology. In particular, the idea of ​​the spiritual and physical inferiority of women, who are the main sources of evil, was instilled. In turn, men are the unfortunate victims of female deceit and magic.

Most often under investigation

According to the reasoning of medieval theologians, women are more than men subject to three vices: disbelief in God, craving for luxury and lust.

At the same time, the craving for sexual attraction is inherent even in pious nuns, since women, due to physiological characteristics, take more time to satisfy. And according to Christian covenants, any closeness should be only for procreation and pass as quickly as possible. Hence, women were automatically considered sinful.

Given that the Catholic Church instilled in society the idea of ​​the sinfulness of the flesh, theologians considered any woman in the world to be a potential witch.

Beauty in this case was recognized as a witchcraft weapon. According to the Hammer of the Witches, if a married man is carried away by a stranger and prayers did not help him get rid of sin, then he is probably bewitched by a witch.

The overwhelming majority of hunting victims were brought to trial on denunciations. The population was racing to negotiate. Everyone was arrested: doctors, single women, cross-eyed, politically unreliable and other people.

If more than three witnesses reported a person, then the guilt was considered proven. Accuse of witchcraft

Unfortunately, the most often judged beautiful and godly girls.