Why in World War II did the USA land in Europe only in 1944?


The opening of the Second Front is an event that all citizens of the USSR were looking forward to during the Great Patriotic War. Anglo-American troops could divert part of the Wehrmacht forces to themselves and significantly bring the time of the defeat of Nazi Germany closer.

However, the United States landed in Europe only in 1944, 11 months before the victory over Germany. The Allied procrastination was seen as a betrayal and is still a matter of bewilderment in society.

If for the USSR the threat from Germany was obvious, then the United States did not want to enter the war until the last moment. For them, the war in distant Europe was a risky adventure. Only under pressure from politicians did American society agree to a war with the Nazis.

Nevertheless, the United States considered the possibility of opening a Second Front from the very beginning of the Soviet-German confrontation and waited for the opportunity to safely land in Europe.


An alternative plan called for an immediate Allied attack on Germany should the Soviet Union be on the brink of defeat.

This operation fell entirely on the shoulders of Great Britain, since in such a short time the Americans could deploy only 3 divisions. In the fall of 1942, the allied armies were to capture the French ports of Brest or Cherbourg. They were assigned the role of a springboard for the accumulation of forces and a future offensive at the beginning of 1943.

Britain attempted to open a Second Front in the summer of 1942: Anglo-Canadian forces

7 thousand paratroopers, supported by 500 aircraft, could not resist 1.5 thousand of the German garrison. More than 60% of the soldiers were killed or captured, 108 aircraft were destroyed.

The defeat showed the complete unwillingness of the British to wage an offensive war. The country did not have a powerful land army,

At the initial stage of the global conflict, Great Britain could only conduct defensive actions and rely only on its own fleet. The invasion of Europe could be forgotten.

The situation in the United States was somewhat better. However, the Americans could not land in Normandy without the support of the British. Its own fleet was involved in the Pacific Ocean, where rivalry with Japan had not yet shown a clear advantage for the Americans in battle.

As a result, plans to open a Second Front and help the USSR were postponed for many months.

In addition, the Americans sent in ammunition, fuel and food under the Lend-Lease program. Their products helped provide for the Soviet army and saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

The Allies accumulated forces only by the summer of 1944. By this time, the Axis countries were already thoroughly battered and agonized. When the Americans stormed the Normandy coast, the region

Most likely, without the help of the Americans, the Soviet Union would have won the war anyway.