Why in Russia were they reckoned from 5508? Where have 5 thousand years of history gone?


Until the 17th century, the Russian kingdom led its chronology according to the Slavic calendar — from 5508 BC. NS. According to this starting point, today we are not observing the year 2021 from the birth of Christ, but the year 7529 from the Creation of the world.

321 years ago, on January 1, 1700, in Russia, by order of Peter I, there was

The autocrat explained his decision by the fact that such a calendar unites all European powers and Russia, as one of them, it is necessary to unify the chronology. So 7209 turned into 1700, and 5500 years were written off.

The fact is that before the Petrine reform, Russia used the Byzantine calendar, created under Emperor Constantius II in 353. Beyond the starting point of the Greeks

The time was calculated conditionally on the basis of sacred texts. The Bible indicates that God created man in the middle of the sixth day. However, with the Lord, a day is equal to a thousand years, and a thousand years is equal to one day. Thus, the reformers set the approximate date of the Creation of the world 5.5 thousand years ago.

After a while, the clergy established the beginning of time on September 1, 5509 BC. Over time, all Orthodox countries began to use this calendar, including Ancient Russia and all of Eastern Europe.

I must say that Catholic Rome did not recognize this era and calculated its own date of the Creation of the world — 4713 BC. However, the Western priests did not come to a single date and put forward more than 200 options for the date of the Creation of the world for every taste.

There is a popular belief in popular culture that the Byzantine calendar is in fact Slavic. Supporters of this theory argue that Russia as a state was formed not in 862, as the chronicles write, but more than 10 thousand years ago.

From this point of view, the chronology is from the Creation of the world, and many events took place in history, including the settlement of Siberia by the Slavs and the war with the Chinese. 5500 years of Slavic history were written off due to a world conspiracy against the great history of the Slavs.

It is argued that Peter I was a traitor, destroyed all written sources that could confirm this, but the sages who remember everything remained alive. Where did all the achievements of the super-developed civilization go, the theory is silent.

The ancient Slavic calendar really existed. However, scientists do not know anything about his chronology. Moreover, it was used long before the appearance of Christianity in Eastern Europe, and therefore the date of 5500 years is not found in the Slavic chronicles.

It can be concluded that 5000 years of history has not gone anywhere, because the date of the Creation of the world is conditional and inaccurate, even the priests admit it. It is unlikely that archaeologists and historians would have missed the chance to become famous if they had found tangible evidence of the «stolen» history