Why does China want to build a manned base on the Moon?



Contrary to popular belief that depicts the moon as a monotonous, useless and devoid of resources, the satellite is a real mine of minerals. Some of them, being rare on Earth, are abundant on the Moon, and therefore their extraction on the planet is much more expensive than shipping from space.

This mainly concerns

The release of energy during the combustion of 1 ton of a rare isotope, which has reacted with deuterium, is equivalent to the combustion of 15 million tons of oil. The price for just a liter of this gas reaches $ 1200.

Helium-3 reserves on Earth

The lack of an atmosphere and cheap solar energy open up new horizons for the development of metallurgy and electronics. Lunar conditions would allow a more detailed study of space and the possibilities of biology. Therefore, many countries have their own satellite views.

In addition to China, the United States with the Artemis program, the European Union, Japan, Russia and even India are claiming the Moon. In 2020, the States

China recently joined space exploration but is already a major player


However, mining here is of secondary importance. China’s main goal is to dominate the world. An inhabited base on the moon will allow control of near-earth space and provide absolute dominance in space.

In addition, it will be possible to test new weapons on the moon and transfer there the means of tracking and suppressing communications from satellites of a potential enemy. The satellite literally gives you an altitude advantage. Not building a base on it means forever deleting the country from the list of great powers.

Of course, every cloud has a silver lining. Military rivalry is a good tool for the development of science and technology. It is expected that the second lunar race will make possible full-fledged colonization of the satellite by settlers from Earth and will greatly simplify human space exploration.