Why does a sawfish need a saw? How does she use it?


Sawfish are probably some of the most unusual looking fish in the ocean.

In fact, two families of fish at once acquired the saws on the nose: saw-nosed sharks and saw-nosed rays.

Evolutionarily sharks are older than rays. They appeared 140 million years ago and live in the deep waters of the oceans. The fish reach 1.7 meters in length and have two long whiskers curling from the middle.

Saw rays appeared 80 million years later than sharks, but they also acquired a similar device. This representative of the marine fauna is much larger and

From a biological point of view, such a device may seem useless. However, in their habitat, stingrays have learned to use a long nose.

The bone outgrowth is strewn with electrosensitive receptors that detect the slightest changes in the electrical background in the water and create a three-dimensional image around the fish. The locator estimates the size and distance of the victim, preventing it from hiding in muddy water or sand.

When approaching its prey, the sawfish inflicts several sharp side blows, tearing the flesh into pieces with sharp teeth. This helps both in hunting and in defense: stingrays have to fend off large sharks and marine mammals.

Today sawn rays are on the verge of extinction. They are massively caught by poachers, because the price of rostrum on the black market

Saw-nosed sharks feel much better. They swim deeper and have less rostrum. On the other hand, due to this, they are not of interest to poachers.

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