Why does a hammerhead shark need a hammer? How does she use it?


The hammerhead shark is one of the most terrifying inhabitants of the seas and oceans. The unusual shape of her head is striking and raises many questions.

No creature on the planet has a head like the hammerhead shark family. In total, 8 fish have this shape, differing only in size. The largest of them is a giant hammerhead shark with a body length of up to 6 meters.

It would seem that inconveniently located at the edges of the eyes and such an unusual shape are useless and are a mistake of evolution. But actually uh

The eyes of the hammerhead shark are at the edges of the head. Thanks to this, a 360 ° view opens, and the fish sees everything that is happening nearby, even behind its back.

But you don’t even need to use them: on the surface are Lorenzini ampoules — unique senses that allow you to capture electricity. We have no analogue of this biological locator. With his help

Unsurprisingly, the hammerhead shark’s favorite prey is electric rays, which are the easiest to spot. Neither long distances nor camouflage help to hide.

However, this head shape has a drawback — high water resistance. To compensate, the shark moves sideways. So she is able to move quickly and efficiently.

Hammerhead sharks have long been at the top of the food chain. However, today they have been pushed aside by man. Poachers value fish fins and meat, and due to the slow reproduction cycle, the family is quickly disappearing.

For 25 years, the number of species

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