Why do cats love boxes so much?


A large cardboard box is a welcome item for any domestic and wild cat. The pet will often prefer it instead of a beautiful house. But what prompted this interest?

There are 2 versions that complement each other that explain the common behavior pattern among cats: this is the desire to hide from the outside world and to keep warm.

They are forced to take care of themselves, compete with larger or social predators. In these conditions, the desire to be in the shadows helped them survive and cope with stress. Wild cats take refuge in a tree, cave or burrow. Pets are in cabinets and boxes.

Thus, the box is considered by the animal as a safe area.

This feature is actively used in animal shelters. Newly arrived cats are left with a few empty boxes. Hiding there, the abandoned pet quickly comes to its senses and returns to life: it eats again, plays and makes contact with the staff of the cattery.

Another version was put forward by employees of the National Research Center. The favorable ambient temperature for a domestic cat is 30-36 ° C. However, the average temperature in residential buildings is around 20-24 ° C.

To keep warm, the animal is forced to expend metabolic energy.

However, the box is good for other reasons as well. The animals probably like the smell and crunch of cardboard, so they happily gnaw through the edges of the box. In addition, the box allows you to play hide and seek — another favorite game of the mammal, grafted by evolution itself. Hiding and attacking is the favorite pastime of all felines.

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