Why did people with excellent Soviet education believe Kashpirovsky?


Anatoly Kashpirovsky is the most famous Soviet healer who, in all seriousness, treated people from colds to cancer on TV. Healing sessions of a psychic were shown instead of the usual party congresses, and Soviet citizens seriously praised Anatoly.

Who and why allowed the showing of psychic sessions? And why did the most reading nation in the world believe Kashpirovsky?

Kashpirovsky is an incredibly contradictory personality. On the one hand, Anatoly had 25 years of experience as a psychiatrist, was the head of the International Center for Psychotherapy in Kiev, was a master of sports in weightlifting, and in 1993 he was elected to the State Duma of Russia.

He is an intelligent and highly respected person, an excellent psychiatrist. By the way, Kashpirovsky is still alive, he feels good and he is 82 years old. The government trusted the doctor, and his telecasts, without exaggeration, gathered the entire population of the USSR on the screens.

In 1989 the healer

People did get well. Of course, not all of them, but the journalists of various editions

But there is another side: academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences and many Russian scientists have officially recognized Kashpirovsky as a charlatan.

In 2006, in Chelyabinsk, he was even brought to administrative responsibility for illegal healing activities: a man was selling packages of salt without marking to people. Then Kashpirovsky, out of anger, promised the police to cause various destructive changes in their bodies. However, the threats remained in words.

Wellness sessions of Kashpirovsky really helped people. It’s all about self-hypnosis and the placebo effect. The healer instilled in people that they were healthy, and those, bowing to his authority, believed this and began to feel better. An experienced psychiatrist knew how to make people believe his words and literally hypnotized patients.

The significance of his words was added by the fact that the sessions were shown on Soviet television. In 1989, this was the main source of information, he was trusted unquestioningly.

Taking into account the fact that people want to believe in a miracle, any doctor, scientist or more or less educated person could take on the role of Kashpirovsky. Hiding behind clever words, you can pass off any lie as reality.

Any programs on Soviet television (a source of information for the majority of the country’s population) were coordinated at the highest level with the party bodies. It is safe to say that the psychic was released on purpose.

By the way, the chairman of the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company Mikhail Nenashev in 1991

The state was bursting at the seams, the war in Afghanistan hit the economy, there was a conflict in Karabakh, nationalists raged in the republics, corruption flourished, store shelves were empty, and the economy was falling to the bottom. People were annoyed and needed to be distracted from pressing problems. Kashpirovsky coped with this 100%.

Subsequently, the psychic went into politics, and then moved to the United States. Kashpirovsky was repeatedly tried and exposed, but he continues to be popular among his supporters.