Why did people stop reading books? Is society getting stupid?


“We have stopped developing, children no longer read books and are constantly on their phones!” — such thoughts probably visited many of us. Indeed, the development of television and the Internet has allowed people to forget about reading and enjoy watching TV shows and movies.

The younger generation does not like books at all, replacing them with a smartphone. Is it really that bad?

If you look at the research of scientists, we will see: the average IQ was around 70 at the beginning of the 20th century and around 85 in the 1950s, but today in most countries it is 98-105! Of course, this is a relative value, but we can say with confidence: we are not getting stupid, but, on the contrary, are developing.

You can also look at other, more familiar things. Compare your school curriculum, that of your children and your parents. The results will amaze: every year they try to cram more and more knowledge into the students. Foreign languages, programming, exact sciences — until recently they were included in the course of a good university, and today they are studied from the cradle.

Society is getting smarter and, thanks to this, is exploring new technologies. The knowledge base is growing, and along with it, many inventions appear: mobile communications, the Internet, smartphones, etc.

To make a great discovery, you don’t have to just read books and forget about everything else. Movies, TV shows, games, audiobooks are not useless entertainment, but just another way to get information.

You can read novels or watch popular science films. Play a history game or study tabloids. It is not the type of knowledge that is important, but its quality!

Undoubtedly, the Internet has allowed the spread of meaningless information, «chewing gum for the brain», which only takes time. But at the same time, it allows you to master new useful skills, study scientific articles or watch historical chronicles.

Of course, you shouldn’t forget about books. But reading isn’t the only way to learn and have fun, there are others. For example, movies and games can help keep your child interested. The main thing is that they are useful.

Therefore, you should not give up other methods of obtaining information, it is better to use them! For example, listen to an audiobook. It’s simple and convenient, you can enjoy your favorite authors without being distracted from other things 🙂

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