Why are girls afraid of mice?


Musophobia is a fear of rodents, one of the most common human phobias, which, according to American psychologists, affects up to 40% of the US population. At the same time, there are indeed more women among Musophobes than men.

The fact is that a wild mouse is a dirty and rather voracious animal, which, moreover, is a carrier of diseases. For centuries, adjacent to humans, the mammal has developed a persistent disgust in humans.

Like poisonous spiders and snakes, the mouse has spoiled people’s lives in the past and has become one of the so-called chthonic creatures — characters who have been demonized in many religions and cultures.

Women, as keepers of the hearth, encountered rodents more often in everyday life.

However, female psychology also plays a significant role here. The beautiful half of humanity is inherently more emotional, and therefore reacts brighter to external stimuli. In addition, absolutely everyone has a certain degree of disgust for wild mice.

Interestingly, not only people are afraid of mice. There is also a reverse fear: Canadian scientists experimentally

If a man approached a cage with an animal, the mice panicked, their body temperature rose, and they grabbed the rods. When a woman replaced a man, the animals immediately calmed down. However, as soon as the researcher put on the shirt of a colleague, the rodents again flew into a rage.

It is assumed that mice pick up some volatile component of human smell, which is not noticeable to our sense of smell. Thus, rodents try to avoid meeting men, but women frighten them to a much lesser extent.