Why are aircraft prohibited from flying over Antarctica?


There are hundreds of no-fly zones on the planet. The largest is Antarctica, an entire continent over which military and civil aviation is prohibited.

It is really impossible to fly military planes in Antarctica. However, the rule applies to any military equipment, be it aircraft, ships or submarines.

Antarctica is a demilitarized zone

The situation with civil flights is ambiguous. Officially, the continent’s airspace is open to flights. However, airlines with regular flights prefer to fly around Antarctica for safety reasons.

The mainland is surrounded by an endless ocean and is devoid of any runways.

Perhaps, such a strip could be built on the continent, but its maintenance would be a heavy financial burden on entrepreneurs. Since life there is harsh, far from civilization and the road to security.

However, there are sightseeing flights over Antarctica operated by airlines from New Zealand, Australia, Chile and Argentina. You can also get to the South Pole by helicopter. However, the cost of the tour is estimated at a minimum of 4 million rubles per person.

Antarctica is far from the only region over which regular flights are not made. Civil aircraft never

The North Pole of the planet is also among the closed places. The magnetic pole negatively affects navigation devices, and in addition, the ozone layer is depleted here and the level of radiation is increased.

Secret military facilities of different countries are closed for flights. For the sake of the safety of passengers, airlines fly over «hot spots» where armed conflicts are taking place.

Among such

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