Why and how do cats purr?


Cats rumbling is an amazing sound of pet pleasure that everyone will be happy to hear. But cats can publish it not only because of their good mood.

The sound itself

In domestic cats, the hyoid bone is triangular, and they can purr continuously, on inhalation and exhalation. Tigers, lions and other large cats have a rectangular bone under the tongue. Therefore, they are capable of rumbling only on exhalation. But they can growl in bass at enemies.

It is believed that a cat only purrs if it is happy and well fed. In fact, there are many more reasons:

Cats, like humans, get anxious when a stranger comes into the house. They calm themselves by purring. So the pressure decreases, the heart rate slows down, and the nervous system calms down.

If your cat hums too long and loudly, the animal may be injured or sick. During this sound, she receives a portion of endorphins, which act as a pain reliever. It’s worth visiting a veterinarian just in case.

Having met «fellow», the cat rumbling

According to some zoologists, with the help of special sounds, cats can treat stress-related diseases and calm humans. Of course, arthritis or hypertension cannot be cured without medical attention.