Where is the skeleton of a centaur in the Barnum Museum?


The skeleton of a centaur is the most amazing exhibit at the American Museum of Barnum, on display to the public in 2014. It is made in full size, is positioned as an archaeological find and caused a fierce debate in society.

The Barnum Museum is a US National Historic Site. It has an extensive collection and is popular with tourists. This is probably why the display of the remains of the mythical creature attracted everyone’s attention.

Centaurs are characters of ancient Greek mythology, the fusion of man with a horse. The creature is considered fictional, since from the point of view of evolution, it simply could not appear. However, in 2014, an amazing archaeological find was presented at the Barnum Museum — the skeleton of a centaur.

In fact, the skeleton of the centaur was

This was not done by accident. One of the founders of the institution is Phineas Barnum, an American businessman, mystic and joker. Showman in 1868

To attract the attention of visitors, employees of the entertainment center created fakes of mythical animals, passing them off as real ones.

People could not stand the deception and the building was burned down. However, before his death, the leader bequeathed 100 thousand dollars to his descendants with the condition to rebuild the museum. The descendants of Barnum’s desire fulfilled, but made the institution more serious.

Directly the skeleton of the centaur was prepared by the professor of the University of Wisconsin Bill Wheelers. This was done specifically to test people. It turned out that

The exhibit is still on display to the public and can be seen at the University of Tennessee. And although even the creators of the skeleton have repeatedly spoken about its fiction, the object is still popular with conspiracy theorists.