Where is the dirtiest spot on the human body?


The human body is a habitat for a huge number of bacteria. With an average human weight of 70 kg, the total weight of microorganisms

Up to 20% of the human microbiome lives on the skin. The armpits, groin, and feet are some of the most contaminated areas of the skin. The stimulus for reproduction of microorganisms is obtained from profuse sweating and a favorable temperature.

However, the most populated place on the body turned out to be the navel!

In terms of population, the navel can be safely compared to a tropical forest! The reason for the species diversity is the inaccessibility of the folds of the skin, which is rarely washed on purpose. At the same time, there accumulates a huge amount of dead skin particles, dust and lint, abundantly saturated with sebum.

Australian Graham Parker became the record holder for the volume of accumulating umbilical pellets. According to the Guinness Book of Records, a man pulls out about 3 mg of a brown substance from his navel every day.

According to Karl Krushelnitsky, professor at the University of Sydney, on the volume of pellets

The cleanest place on the body is recognized as the skin behind the ears. Only 15 types of microorganisms accumulate on them.