What will happen to our body if we breathe in pure oxygen?


The presence of oxygen in the atmosphere is the main condition for the existence of most living organisms on the planet. However, its volume fraction in air is only 21%, everything else is nitrogen and inert gases.

In fact, such techniques are actively used in the resuscitation of seriously ill patients. Doctors supply pure oxygen through an inhaler in situations where the human respiratory system is depressed and cannot cope with the saturation of blood hemoglobin.

Similar cases occur with carbon monoxide poisoning, heart attacks, or advanced forms of lung disease. but

How does it manifest itself? For the body, oxygen is an oxidizing agent,

The heart, like a pump, drives blood through the vessels, and red blood cells carry oxygen molecules to all tissues of the body. Hemoglobin gives oxygen to the cell and attaches carbon dioxide instead, gets back into the lungs, and they carry the gas out when you exhale.


Thus, liquid begins to accumulate in the respiratory organs and an uncontrolled oxidation reaction occurs. Oxygen will literally destroy the organ from the inside. Cells will also feel the problem with oxidation, provoking a collapse throughout the body.

A healthy young person, after just 5 minutes breathing pure oxygen, will experience breathing problems, look for dizziness and nausea.

Later, confusion, body numbness, convulsions and respiratory cramps will be added to this. After 20 minutes, the person faints. Irreversible consequences in the body will begin to occur after an hour of breathing with 100% oxygen.

That is why pure oxygen is used in medicine only in emergency cases. With prolonged use, the poisoning will block all the positive effect.

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