What will happen to a person if he falls into a black hole?


A black hole is a space object that, thanks to powerful gravity, attracts everything, including light, and also changes the space-time continuum.

In popular culture, black holes are often presented as some kind of corridors that allow an unwitting traveler to enter a parallel world or jump in time. How justified are these expectations?

The physics of these space objects has not yet been studied and remains a mystery. There is how

We can say for sure:

How does this happen? The black hole is the result of the gravitational collapse of a supermassive star. If the luminary possessed colossal dimensions, then after the explosion it turns into a superdense clot of matter. The hole’s gravity attracts everything around it, including photons of light and other elementary particles.

In some sci-fi movies, like Interstellar, black holes are shown as portals. The higher the gravity of an object, the slower time flows. Accordingly, when entering a black hole and after leaving it, a person must move into the future.

Perhaps this would have happened, if you do not take into account all the other laws of physics. However, in

Most likely, the body will simply split into elementary particles and replenish the mass of the Black Hole. In this case, under the influence of gravity, the body will begin to stretch until it looks like spaghetti. The term “spaghettification” has even been coined for this process.

What a person will see in this case is unknown. Either it will be so fast that the person will not feel anything, or due to the distortion of time, the pain will last indefinitely. Either way, jumping into the Black Hole is the worst way to die.