What ruler did life best in the USSR?


The Soviet Union is one of the greatest powers of its time. A country that conquered space and nuclear energy, achieved great success in various sectors of the economy, culture, health care and sports. And under what ruler did the common people live the best?

The entire early history of the USSR is associated with the name of Joseph Stalin. This is a victory in the Great Patriotic War, industrialization and great achievements in the economy, together with harsh censorship, gulag camps and large-scale repression throughout the country.

The collective farmers did not have passports and were assigned to the village, the workers worked according to inflated plans and were severely fined for being late, and engineers with higher education did not have the right to leave of their own accord.

With huge sacrifices, the USSR won the Great Patriotic War and defended the right to life. The post-war devastation left its mark on society. People survived thanks to subsidiary farming, and

Nevertheless, since 1946, the salaries of employees of the defense industry, scientific institutions, university teachers, as well as doctors and the military have begun to rise.

By 1960, the USSR had reached the pre-revolutionary level of food consumption. The well-being of the people continued to grow. From 1959 to 1965, the average salary doubled. Collective farmers began to receive passports. The number of motorists has increased many times over.

Under Khrushchev, health care costs rose and life expectancy increased. But the main achievement is the massive construction of housing. Own housing

There were also unsuccessful reforms: for example, the secretary general’s attempt to transplant the population to corn, as well as poor results of the development of virgin lands.

Many consider this period to be the best in Soviet history. Despite the stagnant economic phenomena and the unchanging bureaucratic apparatus, the country set records in terms of production and agriculture.

Hunger has remained in past eras. Freedom of speech did not come, but political jokes were no longer persecuted. Often it was impossible to buy an expensive product; to buy a car or equipment, one had to stand in line.

By 1982, 1.6 billion square meters of residential space had been built in the country, bringing in 162 million people. Moreover, the Brezhnev houses were better equipped than the Khrushchev houses. According to the human development index, the USSR was in 25th place — not a leader, but a country going forward

So under whom of the Soviet leaders was life better? Everyone will decide for himself. It is only important to remember that everyone had both achievements and failures.