What made the ancient man migrate from warm Africa to the cold lands of Europe?


Today, the prevailing opinion in science is that man originated and evolved in Africa. Researchers

Africa — both today and thousands of years ago, it is a continent where the summer sun shines all year round. The area has always been rich in plant and animal food.

A comfortable temperature allowed people not to think about clothes and heating their homes, and Homo Sapiens dominated the region over animals.

Most likely, the main reason is climate change. Geologists from the University of Arizona analyzed sedimentary rocks of the Paleolithic and

Because of this, the rains began to happen much less frequently, the rivers dried up, and the animals migrated to more favorable places, closer to the never-ending springs.

People followed them, but faced the problem of overpopulation. Human communities began to compete with each other for territory, and the stronger ones simply “squeezed out” some of the people to the Middle East.

Approximately 45 thousand years ago, part of the migrants went further to Europe and Asia, and from there through Kamchatka and Alaska to America. These uninhabited regions, although they were colder, abounded in an uninhibited beast and made it possible to live in abundance.

However, local conditions did not become the reason for the development of technologies, but on the contrary, they hampered history. The first civilizations originated in the southern regions with the advent of agriculture. The northern latitudes did not contribute to agriculture in any way, and general development here proceeded more slowly.