What is the difference between Chinese, Koreans and Japanese?


The Chinese, Koreans, Japanese — for Europeans, they are people in one person. It is almost impossible for an untrained person to distinguish the nationality of one Asian from another.

All three nationalities descended from the Han people — the aborigines of Northern China, who formed the first civilization off the coast of the Yellow River 5.5 thousand years ago.

By the way, 92% of the inhabitants of modern China


There the future Japanese mingled with the Ainu aborigines, who, unexpectedly, had Caucasian features. The Ainu still pose a mystery to scientists, since it is not clear how they ended up in these distant corners of Eurasia.

Of course, thousands of years of independent development have left their mark on the appearance and culture of the three peoples. Therefore, Asians themselves easily distinguish each other. I must say that for Asians, all Europeans also look the same.

Historically, the Chinese and Japanese have always had a tense relationship. The Japanese escaped nomadic invasions and, living on the islands, did not mix with representatives of other nationalities, except for the Ainu.

In turn, the Chinese are a real cauldron of nations, the result of centuries of mixing of Han, Tibetans, Manchus, Evenks, Mongols and other peoples.

The average resident of China, like the average European, will differ in different parts of the country. Nevertheless, to an outside observer, the Chinese appear to be a homogeneous monolithic nation.

The difference between the two peoples is already visible in appearance. The Japanese are taller, lighter in color, have thinner features and wider eyes. Clothing is also different: the Japanese love the Western way of life and therefore dress beautifully.

The behavior pattern of Koreans and Japanese is very similar: they are modest, calm and rarely raise their voices. In general, the average Japanese is a sophisticated person who cares about their appearance.

However, this is exactly the average comparison. It will be much harder to distinguish between a Chinese woman and a Japanese woman of model appearance.

Japanese language

Korea is China’s closest neighbor, so the Chinese periodically conquered the peninsula and controlled it. Therefore, externally, these nationalities are very similar.

However, the Chinese have a rounder face, wide cheekbones, a wide nose, plump lips, and a darker skin tone. The typical Korean has a flat, slightly elongated face, thin lips, taller and lighter skin.

The most obvious difference is in dress, behavior and, of course, language. South Koreans are mods and lovers of Western culture. Therefore, they dress «with a needle» and in the western way, while the Chinese prefer comfortable, discreet clothes.

The situation is different with North Koreans, but they are rarely released from the country, and therefore they are unlikely to catch the eye. However, they dress modestly and are on average 3-8 centimeters shorter than their southern counterparts.

It is believed that the Chinese are more impulsive, they speak loudly, they are open to strangers and take life easier. Koreans are secretive and modest.

The Korean language is also different from Chinese, although it was heavily influenced by it. For a long time, the peninsula used the Chinese script, but later abandoned it. Korean also has few similarities with Japanese, so all 3 languages ​​are separate from each other.

And yet, it is rather difficult to distinguish between Japanese, Chinese and Korean in appearance. They can often be easily confused with each other, and therefore language, culture and behavior will help determine nationality.