What is the difference between an alligator and a crocodile?


Crocodiles, alligators, caimans, gharials are reptiles that lead an identical lifestyle and are similar to each other. Surely many wondered, how are they different?

In fact, the crocodile detachment is divided into three families at once: real crocodiles, alligators and gavials. They

Real crocodiles


The most conspicuous differences between predators are body weight and muzzle shape. The alligator is a relatively small animal weighing up to 450 kg. and

The crocodile has 68 pointed teeth that are clearly visible even when the mouth is closed. The alligator is armed with 80 rounded teeth that do not protrude outward.

Alligators are believed to pose no danger to humans unless provoked. Together with caimans, which are a subspecies of alligators, predators live only in fresh waters of rivers and lakes, feed on large fish, small mammals and their own young.

It is curious that in China, reptiles are included in the cookbook, are mercilessly exterminated and, according to scientists, will disappear from at least the territory of the Middle Kingdom within the next 100 years.


Gavials are more fortunate than Chinese alligators. In India, the unusual creature is recognized as a sacred animal and protected by law.

True, reptiles suffer from something else: the expansion of agricultural land and a decrease in the habitat. Most likely, the relic animal will no longer survive the era of man.

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