What is a Swedish family?

The Swedish family is a marriage union between three or more members. One way or another, each of us has heard this term.

The idea of ​​Swedes as people who love to create group marriages is a myth. Such marriages are not officially recognized either in Sweden or in most countries of the world.

True, the myth did not appear out of nowhere. Sweden became the first country in the West to have a sexual revolution. In 1944 there were

This policy was reflected in the cinema. Censorship disappeared from it, the first films and magazines for adults appeared. They were popular among European and Soviet youth, where nothing of the kind had ever existed.

Thanks to such magazines in the 1970s in the USSR

I must say that such communes really existed. However, unofficially and, of course, it had nothing to do with marriage. Similar «cells» exist in many countries somewhere in the form of sects, somewhere in the form of local culture.

The opinion of the Scandinavians as immoral people came from the United States. Sweden did not want to join NATO and criticized American policies. As a result, the New World began to harshly criticize the Swedes.

They were accused of an alliance with the Communists, the fall of the authority of the church, love of same-sex relationships, and riotous sex life. The culmination of persecution was

Thanks to the United States, a different phrase has developed in the West — «Swedish sin», which denotes unholy behavior.

In fact, polygamous marriage is not common in Sweden. Like most people, Scandinavians prefer to create monogamous families.