What if we divide up all the riches of the world among people?


8 billion people live on Earth. Moreover, more than half of all the planet’s wealth is concentrated in the hands of 2% of the population. It is with them that b

Researchers estimate that 90% of all money

However, within these states, money is also unevenly distributed. Approximately 10% of Americans control 70% of the national wealth. For comparison, in France this figure is 55%, in Belgium — 43%, in Slovakia — 34%.

The Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, USA, Brazil, Ukraine are the leaders in financial inequality. In our country, 3% of Russians own 92% of the national wealth, and this figure is growing every year.

In this situation, many people probably thought, what if they took all the money from the rich and fairly distribute it among the population?

If you add up all the accumulated wealth, currencies of different countries and other assets and divide them between people, then

Despite the impressive amount, you will not be able to use it. This situation will collapse the economy as money will lose its value. Due to too much demand for goods, prices will rise sharply, and the effect of the funds received will be leveled.

The collapse of the economy will provoke political and social crises. There will be no period of general prosperity. The governments of the countries will not be able to function with an empty treasury, because all the money was distributed to citizens

But even if we imagine that the state system has resisted, and nothing has changed in the world, then everything will quickly return to what it was. Most will spend all their money on immediate needs without thinking about the future. Some will be able to save money, and inequality will reappear on the planet, albeit on a smaller scale.

As a result, the “take everything and divide” method will not work and will not lead society to well-being.