What if a company of modern soldiers falls into Medieval Russia?


Time travel is the most popular fantasy genre. As a rule, an involuntary tourist finds himself in the past all alone and appears before the locals as a completely helpless and frightened person.

However, how will events develop if a whole company of well-armed and ready-to-fight soldiers gets into the Middle Ages? What will happen if our contemporaries find themselves in Russia in the XIV century?

First half of the XIV century. Mongol yoke. Since 1313 the Golden Horde

Having sworn allegiance to Khan Uzbek, the Moscow prince Ivan Kalita annexed the disgraced lands to his possessions. By 1340, the Moscow principality had doubled its territory and became the strongest of the Russian states.

2021 year. Relations between Russia and Ukraine are getting worse every day. Experiencing another round of tension, to the border of the two countries was

Driving along a deserted road, the convoy entered a thick fog and unexpectedly ran into a dense forest. Communication with the command, including GPS and radio, was completely lost.

The soldiers have no food supply. Fuel, even with the tightest economy, will only last for a week. The reconnaissance was able to find a country road, and the commander decided to move towards the nearest village.

What they saw shocked the entire personnel. The village that opened after 2 hours turned out to be a medieval settlement. Residents, seeing the lumbering equipment and men in strange clothes, immediately fled. The company commander decided to stay in the village until morning.