What happens if you detonate a nuclear bomb in the mouth of a volcano?


Since the creation of nuclear energy, humanity has managed to test nuclear warheads in cities, wastelands, in the ocean and outer space.

In fact, we have already tried to bomb the volcano. True, not atomic, but conventional bombs. In the 1930s, for the sake of experiment, American scientists

The researchers pursued the goal of diverting destructive lava flows away from cities and infrastructure. As a result, it was found that with the help of explosions it is really possible to destroy the pipes through which the lava flows. However, it is still impossible to direct it in the right direction.

A volcanic eruption occurs due to a gradual increase in the pressure of magma in the magma chamber, which

The molten mass moves up the channel, and if the channel is not wide enough and the pressure goes off scale, a powerful explosion occurs. In the future, lava calmly pours out onto the ground, tons of ash and gases are thrown into the atmosphere, and a crater remains in the place of the exploded volcano.

In 1962, the Americans conducted nuclear tests in a well at a depth of 200 meters and found that the crater from a bomb explosion would not exceed a depth of 100 meters.

This means that if we detonate a nuclear bomb right in the mouth of a volcano, then we will simply demolish its cone. The action of the atomic charge will not reach the place of magma accumulation and will in no way affect the strength of the eruption. The greatest destruction will come from the bomb itself.

Induce an Explosive Eruption

Therefore, we can say with confidence: the explosion of a nuclear warhead in a volcano will not provoke a super-eruption, but will only destroy the volcano.

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