What happens if the Yellowstone supervolcano is blown up?


The Yellowstone Caldera is the largest and most «ripe» for eruption supervolcano, located in the northwestern United States. Such a natural disaster could become one of the most destructive events in the last 27 thousand years.

Could the Yellowstone volcano destroy the American continent and what happens if it is artificially caused to erupt?

In fact, the Yellowstone supervolcano has erupted more than 142 times before. The last major explosions

Then, from the explosions, mountain ranges were destroyed, the climate changed, colossal masses of magma and ash were released, which covered up to 3/4 of the territory of North America with a dense layer.

Today the volcano continues to pose a threat. It is located above a zone of increased magmatism, where, due to the peculiarity of the location of the lithospheric plates, the molten rock of the mantle is constantly accumulating near the surface of the earth.

The magma bubble of Yellowstone is located at a depth of 8 kilometers and is heated to 800 ° C. The volcano’s crater reaches 55 km in diameter.

True, a volcanic eruption in the modern period is recognized as an unlikely scenario. The risk is comparable to that of a large meteorite and has not yet been taken into account.

Yellowstone is a vulnerable geophysical point in North America. Many Russian scientists

However, Western scholars are skeptical about such a statement. If the supervolcano were so fragile, it would long ago have awakened from numerous earthquakes.

To erupt, the bomb must depressurize a magma bubble located several kilometers underground.

At the same time, nuclear tests carried out in the 20th century by both the Americans and the Soviet Union,

Theoretically, it is possible to open the Yellowstone Caldera. To do this, it is necessary to drill a well up to the magma bubble. The compressed gases will escape through the resulting hole and lead to the cracking of the supervolcano’s shell and an eruption.

A cataclysm of this magnitude would be terrible for the entire planet. The explosion will carry a large amount of gases and ash into the stratosphere, which will cover the Sun and cause a new Ice Age.

A decrease in the average annual temperature by only a few degrees will lead to a reduction in harvest and massive hunger. A period of political instability, uprisings and revolutions will begin in the world.

As a result, from the eruption of Yellowstone, the United States will disappear as a state, but together with them all of humanity will suffer. The world will forget about prosperity for many years, and technological progress will roll back hundreds of years.