What happens if a nuclear bomb is detonated off the coast of the United States?


In 2019, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation conducted field tests and found out what damage a nuclear explosion could cause off the coast of the United States. The research results led to another aggravation of interstate relations and still cause fierce controversy among military analysts.

How do the Russian military see the scenario of a nuclear conflict with America and what will an atomic explosion in the ocean lead to?

In fact, the scenario of a bomb explosion off the coast of America

The project envisaged the creation of a torpedo weighing 40 tons and a length of 23.5 meters, which would be equipped with a thermonuclear charge. The first Soviet nuclear submarine 627A was supposed to carry the weapon.

However, in 1954, the idea was rejected by an expert group of the Navy due to the impossibility of covert delivery of the warhead and the insufficient speed of the torpedo. The identified shortcomings made it possible for a potential enemy to detect and destroy the submarine in time.

In 1955 the USSR

The torpedo destroyed the ship closest to the epicenter of the explosion and inflicted minor damage to sea and coastal objects located more than a kilometer from the scene.

In 1961

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, in modern realities, the United States can be the first to deliver a nuclear strike and destroy b

In this case, the torpedo, which will sneak up to the US coast and explode somewhere near the coast, is the only deterrent for a potential enemy. This should ensure

The state-of-the-art Poseidon drone, accelerating up to 200 km / h and sinking 1,000 meters deep,

By the explosion of a super-powerful warhead of 100 megatons, the military is trying to achieve two damaging factors: radioactive contamination and megatsunami.

Simulation of a nuclear strike off New York harbor,

In the first minutes, 8 million Americans will die, 4 million will be seriously injured, and more than 16 million people will receive a lethal dose of radiation. Besides,

Destruction from megatsunami will depend on the distance of the detonated torpedo to the coast. At 10 km, the wave height will reach 450 meters, at 100 km. — 40 meters, at 1000 km. — 2 meters.

Thus, when the explosion is no more than 100 km from the coast, the resulting wave will wash away a significant part of the coastal American cities. At the same time, not only the peaceful infrastructure will be destroyed, but also all the enemy’s naval bases.

However, not all military experts take Poseidon seriously. In particular, the Russian columnist Pavel Felgenhauer

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