What happens if a modern girl ends up in Medieval Russia?


Time travel is one of the most popular genres of literature and cinema. As a rule, in such works, strong men become guests from the future, who successfully implement their modern skills and easily integrate into the surrounding society.

But what happens if a woman falls into historical time?

The Middle Ages are perhaps the most turbulent and difficult time in the history of mankind. Russia in the 16th century, during the reign of Vasily III — a period of recovery after the invasion of the Tatar-Mongols, the collection of Russian lands and regular conflicts with Lithuania and the Tatar khanates.

The Middle Ages is the world of men.

The social position of a woman changed greatly if she became a widow. From the 14th century, after the loss of the breadwinner, the girl

Widows were freely engaged in craft: weaving, spinning, pottery and even blacksmithing. If the estate allowed, they could influence the political life of the country. As a rule, the representatives of the nobility were well educated and had weight in society.

Secular and ecclesiastical laws protected the honor and dignity of the beautiful half of humanity. Court

In fact, an unwitting tourist has even more chances of surviving than a man. The appearance of any modern girl will become a «pass to life». On a clean, well-groomed face, shiny hair and manicure, as well as gentle hands that do not know hard peasant labor,

As soon as the traveler speaks, any passer-by will understand that the woman in front of him, judging by the accent, is a foreigner, is in trouble. With bare head, without servants and luggage, most likely the victim of a robbery raid.

Wishing to curry favor with the mysterious stranger, any peasant on the way will try to immediately deliver her to the local landowner — the nobleman, and if he is not there, then the clerk. The owner of the estate will provide shelter to the guest.

Perhaps this is where luck ends. Soon, others will understand that the woman is here alone, she has no money, her name means nothing and she is completely useless.

All knowledge in marketing, accounting, law and other modern professions is irrelevant here. Without knowledge of medicinal herbs, even experience in medicine will be useless.

It is safe to say that she will not be on the street. People in the 16th century were religious and Christian-merciful. A lady from the future can count on the place of a servant, and if she is still young, then the wife of some wealthy man.

In Russia, the witch-hunt was not widespread and the personality of a strange guest would hardly be of interest to the Church.

Another loophole for the traveler is going to a monastery. The clergy felt great in the Middle Ages, enjoyed tax incentives and a large amount of land. Churches were also a source of knowledge, in some they studied theology and history. Perhaps the girl’s knowledge would be useful to the priests.

Be that as it may, the main problem will not be human society, but viruses and bacteria

Most likely, the meeting will provoke a large-scale epidemic in Russia and change the course of history.