What blood group is the most susceptible to alcohol?


In 2015, an international group of scientists

Who, from a scientific point of view, is allowed to drink alcohol without consequences, and who is at risk of drinking themselves after the first glass?

It turned out that people with blood group 2 are most susceptible to alcoholism. This is due to the peculiarities of the adrenal glands and the lack of glucose in the body. Ethanol oxidation products make up for this deficiency and are addictive.

It also turned out that the neurotransmitter systems of the second-group students are more sensitive to ethanol than in people with other blood. For them, alcohol is a good and quick way to relieve stress. Unfortunately, this behavioral model also does not lead to anything good.

Lillian Gerberman of the Center for Substance Research in New Jersey

With the conclusions of the American colleague

Alcoholism should be treated as a hereditary ailment, and if you already have ancestors who fought with addiction without success, then it is better not to touch alcohol at all.

Scientists have found that people with blood group 4 do the best with ethanol. In these people, the combination of genes is such that their body secretes in excess of the enzymes alcohol dehydrogenase and acetaldehydrogenase, which leads to a rapid cleansing of the blood from toxic substances.

It is worth noting that, in general, «four-year students»

However, the research results do not mean that everyone except the owners of the 2nd blood group can drink alcohol without consequences. Alcoholics are found among all.

For example, people with group 3 are more likely than others.