What are stem cells and how are they used in medicine?


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The ability of cells to divide uncontrollably is both the main advantage and the main problem of therapy. In most cases, doctors monitor the treatment and avoid complications. However, what happens if something goes wrong with the treatment?

Firstly, cell therapy does not help everyone, therefore, having given a lump sum of money, a person cannot be 100% sure of the result. Secondly, under unfavorable conditions, cells can mutate and turn into malignant ones. In this case, the patient develops cancerous tumors.

Despite many positive examples of treatment, doctors report disappointing results. For example, a 77-year-old patient from Georgia after stem cell treatment completely

Such treatment is not cheap: one stage of cell therapy will cost $ 16,500- $ 35,000. And a full course of cancer treatment in German clinics costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. And yet it is better than chemotherapy and other difficult treatments.

Stem cells are a modern and “fashionable” direction in medicine, which helps patients with serious and incurable diseases. But not everything is so simple. This treatment has risks and side effects, so it cannot be considered a panacea.