Vostok-2: why is Russia building a new polar station in Antarctica?


Vostok-2 is one of the most mysterious and discussed projects of the Russian government to create a new polar station. The project is financed by one of the richest people in Russia, Leonid Mikhelson, who promised to implement the idea in the shortest possible time.

Why does our country need a new station?

The situation at the South Pole is not developing in the best way for Russia. Due to the lack of funding, the stations are gradually deteriorating and closed. If by the end of the 20th century the country had 12 research points in Antarctica, then today there are only 5 of them.

The famous Vostok station was founded in 1957 and at the moment

The station is located near the South Geomagnetic Pole of the Earth. The climatic conditions here are one of the most severe on the planet: frosts down to -90 ° C, constant winds reaching 27 m / s, almost zero absolute air humidity, low atmospheric pressure and a noticeable lack of oxygen.

Despite all the inconveniences, Russia needs a station at the South Pole. The largest subglacial lake was discovered here, which can store the biosphere preserved for millions of years. Climatic research is being carried out on the surface and local resources are being explored.

This is an outpost of Russian science, and if it falls, the road to Antarctica will be closed for the country.

The Russian businessman spared no money on Vostok-2 and

By the way, the station itself has already been built. It remains only to bring it to the shores of Antarctica, deliver it on a sled into the interior of the continent and establish that it will take 2-3 years.

«Vostok-2» is 2500 square meters of heated area, which will stand on jacks. Jacks will reduce the wind load and solve the problem of snow accumulation near the walls.

Each of the 15 polar explorers will have their own room. A dining room, a gym, a leisure room, a sauna, showers, two laboratories, a heated garage, a greenhouse and all the most modern facilities are provided. The new station will be the most comfortable research station in Antarctica.

The billionaire and altruism are rarely compatible. It is known that for the sake of the project Mikhelson sold his entire stake in Novatek, the largest gas producer in Russia. Experts assure that it is impossible to profit from Vostok-2.

What is the benefit? For a billionaire, this is barter. The government takes money from him, but in return

At the same time, scientific research in Antarctica for Russia plays a secondary role. The main thing is to create a base on the continent, which will then make it possible to claim its most tasty and interesting part.

Today Antarctica, like the Moon, has become the object of rivalry between world powers. Many treasures are hidden in the «ice store»: uranium, gold, oil, gas, thorium. In addition, 80% of the world’s water reserves are concentrated here.

USA already

Vostok-2 will be the successor to the Soviet legacy and will be able to provide Russia with a presence in Antarctica.