Vietnam War: How did the United States suffer the greatest defeat in its history?


The Vietnam campaign of 1965 seemed to America another invasion of an underdeveloped Asian country. However, as a result, the United States got bogged down in the war for 9 long years, lost 300 thousand soldiers and left shamefully in 1974.

Immediately after the outbreak of the Cold War, in the 1950s, South Asia became an important strategic point. The decolonization of the region from the Europeans was led by Vietnam. After the victorious war against France, the country

In 1956, elections were to be held in Vietnam, during which residents were to decide the fate of the country: to support the socialists led by the USSR and China or the capitalists led by the United States and France.

Unexpectedly, the elections were canceled by the «democratic» side, since they could not be held with the participation of the communists. In response, the North launched military operations against the southern regions. The situation in Vietnam was escalating.

From the very beginning, the Americans supported the position of the South, but did not officially participate in the conflict. Helped by technicians and specialists. However, gradually the US authorities began to talk about the need for the intervention of American troops.

In 1964, the United States still

However, the jungle war turned out to be much more difficult than expected. The Vietnamese partisans knew the terrain better and did not participate in direct battles with regular units of the US troops, but instead beat scattered detachments.

The seemingly swift war turned into a series of hectic skirmishes, raids and sabotage. The Americans could not even gain a foothold in the settlements: the locals sympathized with the communists and joined the partisans against the invaders.

Gradually, the American people stopped believing in victory. Society did not understand what 1.5 million American soldiers were fighting for in a distant Asian country. Even the fighting style, including the napalm bombing, was criticized.

In 1973 the USA

The Vietnam campaign showed that a million-strong army with advanced weapons was not enough to capture the country. It is still considered the largest defeat in US history.