The Mystery of Mongolia: Why Can’t Find the Tomb of Genghis Khan for 800 Years?


The tomb of Genghis Khan is one of the most coveted treasures of archaeologists. The tomb of the great commander and founder of the Mongol Empire should keep the untold wealth collected from all over the country. But here’s the bad luck: despite centuries of research, the conqueror’s tomb remains hidden somewhere in the steppes.

Where was Genghis Khan buried and what problem did archaeologists face when searching for his grave?

Genghis Khan

According to legend, the body of the khan was brought and buried on the territory of his family estate — the modern aimag Khentiy in Mongolia.

The slaves who dug the grave were slaughtered. The soldiers who were escorting the workers were also killed. After a while, the land around was overgrown with grass and trees, they erased the last traces that gave out the tomb.


There are also versions of a grave in the Altai mountains. Thus, the approximate burial site is known. Why can’t they find him?

The problem is that

Scientists also do not exclude that no one killed the soldiers involved in the burial. They committed suicide themselves in order to protect the master in the next world. It was a great honor for the worldview of the nomads.

From above, such a grave was covered with stones. This was the only reference point. However, if we consider that they wanted to hide the tomb of Genghis Khan, they did not leave any signs of it.

You can search for such a grave forever

It must be said that the modern Mongols are not looking for the grave of Genghis Khan and they dislike the aspirations of European archaeologists. For them, he was and remains an idol. If the national hero did not want to be found, then so be it.

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