Tea versus coffee: which is healthier and better for the body?


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In 2016, British scientists weighed the benefits of each drink and finally gave an affirmative answer.

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«Coffee», from Arabic «dark», in the Middle Ages was considered one of the types of wine. Due to the fact that wine from grapes was prohibited in Islam, coffee gained incredible popularity in the Middle East, and until the Dutch stole the coffee tree in the 17th century, the local sultans had a monopoly on its cultivation.

The drink has something to love: coffee for a short time

Among the positive effects of drinking the drink, researchers highlight a decrease in the risk of liver cirrhosis and breast cancer, as well as a beneficial effect on the digestive and cardiovascular systems.

Nevertheless, as elsewhere, the norm is important with coffee. The normal consumption of the drink is considered to be 400-700 ml of espresso per day. Excess dosage

The drink is contraindicated in pregnant women and the elderly, as it can affect calcium metabolism, contributes to anemia and increases the risk of premature birth.

Black tea is the brainchild of Ancient China. In the Celestial Empire, fragrant tea has been drunk since at least 2100 BC. Here is a tea plant

Freshly ground leaves were used to treat burns and cuts. The polyphenols contained in the juice reduce vascular fragility and stabilize cell membranes.

However, strong tea leaves were given to patients during surgery instead of anesthesia. If coffee invigorates with the alkaloid caffeine, then the shock power of tea in L-theanine, an amino acid that has an anti-stress effect, relaxes muscles and nerves and dispels drowsiness.

Regular consumption of tea strengthens the immune system, stimulates the heart, eliminates joint problems and, unexpectedly, removes radiation from the body.

The drink has no contraindications, of course, if you drink medium-strength tea. Too strong tea leaves increase pressure and irritate the lining of the esophagus.

If we take into account a young, conscious, not pregnant person who drinks both drinks without the aforementioned excesses, then

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However, all things being equal, tea is not addictive and does not affect sleep quality. Studies have shown that coffee drinkers are more likely to suffer from insomnia and, over time, begin to experience a constant need for a drink. Tea fans don’t have such problems.

Therefore, if you were wondering which of the drinks is better, then the answer is tea.