Secrets of the Pharaohs: What Did Scientists Find in the Egyptian Pyramids?


Egyptian pyramids are unique structures that to this day surround themselves with secrets and legends. Archaeologists are constantly working in these places and find interesting things.

In 1954, Egyptian archaeologists

«Solar boats», as scientists called them, are a real miracle of their time. 5 thousand years ago, the wheel was invented in Europe, the horse was tamed in Asia and the first cities were built, and the ancient Egyptians at that time were already moving on huge boats along the Nile!

Not only inventions are hidden in the pyramids. In 2017, physicists scanned the pyramid and

In the 1930s, Egyptologists discovered a door in Giza not far from the Sphinx, behind which a stone staircase was hidden down. As it turned out, it leads to

Labyrinths have not yet been explored due to the fragility of the tunnels and the difficult routes along which they are located. Perhaps in the future this territory will be studied in more detail and incredible discoveries await us.

In 1858 at the Egyptian pyramids

It is a vivid embodiment of the works of Egyptian sculptors of that time: frontality and symmetry are visible in each element. Today, the statue of Pharaoh Khafre, who was considered the governor of the god Ra on Earth, can be seen in the Cairo Museum.

The statue

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