Russia’s geopolitical objectives for the next 30 years


Modern political scientists are sure: 30 years after the collapse of the USSR and the loss of political influence, Russia is again ready to declare itself on the world stage.

The modern geopolitical strategy is formulated in presidential decrees. They reveal general policy directions without setting specific goals. However, given the unipolar balance of power on the part of the United States in the world, then

In fact, Russia is striving to return to the structure of the world at the beginning of the 20th century, when the planet was divided into spheres of influence between several centers of power. Today it is China and the United States, as well as Russia, Brazil, India and the European Union claim this title.

In the second provision of the Decree «On the Concept of Foreign Policy» it is noted that Russia does not consider the solution of geopolitical problems by force. The government does not intend to unleash conflicts. However, the events in Ukraine in 2014 showed that war could still happen.

At the same time, in terms of soft power, Russia is significantly inferior to its rivals. Tens of thousands of scientists and engineers leave the country every year because of low salaries, and economic influence is also impossible.

Attempts to find money to the detriment of the interests of the population (pension reform, higher taxes and tariffs) are met with disagreement in society, and the focus on China led to the economic colonization of Siberia. For example Rosneft

Be that as it may, some experts are skeptical