Not only Crimea and Sochi: 6 places for a good beach holiday in Russia, where you can go in summer


Due to the closure of the borders, the question «where to rest in Russia?» has become more relevant than ever. The most famous resorts are Sochi and Crimea, but these are not all places for recreation in Russia.

This small town is perfect for those who cannot stand the heat. The average air temperature in summer here does not exceed 25 ° C. Even in hot weather, it is quite fresh outside.

The beaches outside the city are considered the widest in the entire Kaliningrad region. There are many cafes and restaurants on the waterfront where you can have a good time. The water temperature reaches 20 ° C — although it is not hot, it is comparable to the Black Sea.

In addition to the Baltic Sea, the city also has cultural attractions. In Zelenogradsk, as in the entire Kaliningrad region, there is a lot of German architecture that everyone should see.

A small village located in the Krasnodar Territory. He is not in great demand among tourists and very much in vain! The nature is very beautiful here, you can be alone with yourself and with the surrounding nature.

There are no noisy roads and industrial buildings near the village. There is little entertainment here, but beautiful sandy beaches and the clear Azov Sea have been preserved in their original form. Beach lovers will definitely like it here.

Lovers of a quiet and relaxing holiday will love this place. Previously, Kaspiysk was a rather dirty city with a muddy sea and garbage on the beach. But the situation has been changing for the better for several years now. The authorities are doing everything to improve the territory.

Today the sea has become cleaner, there are well-groomed squares and equipped fishing grounds nearby. Pristine beaches and the warm Caspian Sea will also attract tourists from all over Russia.

A small village in the Kaliningrad region. Yantarny Beach, according to international experts, is one of the cleanest and safest in Russia.

You can often find pieces of amber on the beach — it’s not just that the village is called Amber! Tourists often like to visit the local mining plant for this gem and watch the production.

One of the largest cities in the north-west of the Krasnodar Territory. It is located on the coast of the Sea of ​​\ u200b \ u200bAzov and can offer tourists sandy beaches, sources of curative mud and warm waters.

This city is great for families with children. The sea is shallow and warm, and its bottom is safe. Yeisk has a well-developed infrastructure: there are cafes, shopping centers, an oceanarium, a dolphinarium and various attractions.

If you are not confused by the large number of people, you can safely go to Tuapse. More than a million Russians spend their holidays here every year. The climate here is mild, windless with a high level of humidity.

The warmest months are July and August. It rarely rains and the scorching sun. The city has both wild and well-equipped beaches. In addition to the sea, you can visit mountain waterfalls, amazing cliffs and forest parks.

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