Montagues versus Capulet: why Romeo and Juliet families were at enmity?


Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous works of the Middle Ages. For more than four centuries, a tragic story has been the ideal of true love for romantics. But why did the families of lovers feud at all?

Shakespeare’s tragedy was not an original work and was based on a whole galaxy of similar works by Italian, French and Spanish writers.

First time characters Romeo and Juliet

The content of Luigi’s poem had a vital basis. The novel is based on a romantic story that took place in Antiquity and turned into a popular Italian legend.

The plot of Shakespeare’s tragedy unfolds around

Further events develop very rapidly. The young marry secretly. However, the family tries to forcibly pass off Juliet for another man. The desperate girl takes sleeping pills and pretends to be dead. Romeo believed this and commits suicide at her coffin. Juliet wakes up and goes after her beloved young man.

The novel lasts only 5 days!

The story of warring families is repeated in the works of many writers. At the same time, none of them gives an exact answer to the question of why this is happening. Families are at war and that’s it. The enmity began so long ago that no one remembers the reason.

Ovid had the answer to this question. The Pyramus and Theisba families hated each other because they were neighbors. And the neighbors, according to the ancient author, are always at enmity.

As for Montague and Capulet, here, in addition to the proximity of two influential families, there was a blood feud that originated long before the birth of two lovers.

The historian Olin Moore approached the question in more detail. He delved into the history of the Italian city of Verona, where the events unfold, and

The Montagues are a Ghibelline family who lived on the Montecchio Maggiore estate and supported the Holy Roman Empire. Capulets — the Guelph family, whose distinctive feature was capulet hats, recognized Verona as the Pope.

However, things could have been much easier.

Not wanting to be related to the rootless merchants, the aristocrats assumed pride and distanced themselves, which later led to a conflict. Similar situations happened all over the world and also became the basis for thousands of love stories.