How real is the seizure of Siberia by China?


China’s offensive into Siberia is one of the hottest topics in Russian society, which raises concerns on the part of a distant neighbor. Although only 30 thousand Chinese live in our country, official data do not take into account more than 2 million workers and illegal immigrants who have flooded Siberia and the Far East, and their number is growing every year.

Could Siberia ever become a Chinese colony and is the Chinese government interested in the development of Russian lands?

China is the world’s second largest economy with a billion people and has territorial claims with most of its neighbors. Although the country is considered our ally today, its appetites are growing every year, and we have something to fear.

In particular, the government of the Celestial Empire at the official level

This is easy to do due to the lack of labor in the Far East:

Asians, using the loyal policy of Moscow, massively open a business here, develop resources and engage in agriculture, of course, not forgetting to bring up their compatriots from their homeland.

Over time, the number of Chinese will be comparable to the number of the Russian population, and they will demand representation in the government. In this case, China will receive new levers of pressure on the region.

China’s development is severely limited by the amount of resources and food. Already today, the PRC authorities say that they need to expand their living space.


Russia is also the target of Chinese influence. Turning away from Europe and the United States,

Political Scientists

Theoretically, Russia cannot do something about this already today.

However, it is not profitable for Beijing to quarrel with Moscow. China’s current strategy is based on gradual economic and demographic expansion rather than forceful pressure.


However, the Chinese have no incentive to open factories and factories in Russia, they only need resources. In this case, our country has an unenviable fate. The authorities and society need to monitor the appetites of the Chinese neighbor more in order to prevent such a scenario.

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