How much does it cost to see a doctor in the USA, Europe and China?


Long queues, an appointment with a narrow specialist for several months in advance, outdated medical equipment and expensive medicines are the realities of domestic health care that most people in Russia complain about.

And what about the situation abroad? How affordable are medical services in developed countries?

Medicine in Russia and in the West are two completely different things. In the United States, the European Union and even China, there is no such thing as a district doctor. Instead, there are family doctors and general practitioners.

They are not assigned to a specific territory, and the patient can choose his own doctor. However, such a doctor will never come to the patient’s home.

At the same time, there is no free health insurance in the capitalist countries. The state pays only part of the costs. Insurance can be provided by your employer or you can buy it yourself.

American healthcare, according to many ratings, is the most modern, technologically advanced and competent medical system capable of guaranteed and timely pulling out any patient «from the other world.»

But at the same time

An ambulance in the United States will come to a person only when he is dying. In other cases, for example, at a temperature of 40 degrees, high blood pressure, shortness of breath and fractures, you will have to get to the hospital yourself.

Even with insurance, the first appointment with a therapist

In case of non-compliance with the regime, non-fulfillment of appointments or failure to appear to the doctor at the appointed time, the insurance company refuses to pay for the treatment. In this case, all costs are borne by the patient.

The health care accessibility situation in Europe is much better. State

An initial visit to a family doctor costs 45-60 euros (4,600 rubles), an ambulance visit costs 100 euros (9,200 rubles), an appointment with a narrow specialist — from 150 euros (14,000 rubles).

Various studies and analyzes are paid separately. The ambulance service remains free of charge. In addition, European medicine is equipped with much more modern equipment, which is why most of the complex operations are performed in the EU countries.

The medical situation in China is complex. On the one hand, there are many hospitals in the country equipped with modern equipment. On the other hand, small funds are spent on healthcare — 6% of GDP. Russia spends the same amount, and this is 2 times less than the expenses in the USA and Europe.

However, there is no free medicine here either. Initial appointment with a therapist

When treating a serious illness, hospitals require a deposit of 5,000 to 80,000 yuan. Medical assistance is not provided without a deposit. In addition, meals are not provided during treatment. Feeding the patient entirely falls on relatives.

Medicine in all countries, even developed ones, is imperfect. Where, in your opinion, is the health care system better? Leave your opinions in the comments!