How is the last day of a condemned man going to death in the United States?


The United States is one of the few countries where the death penalty is used. The verdict is passed for especially cruel crimes. What are those sentenced to death doing in the last 24 hours of their lives? What can you ask for as a last wish in America and

Today, more than 2,500 incorrigible criminals languish on American death row. However, only a few dozen of them are executed every year.

At the same time, every year the number of death sentences is gradually decreasing, and already convicted people are seeking a reconsideration of the case and pardon. In 1994, 328 people were executed, in 2015 — 52 prisoners, and for the whole of 2020, 17 sentences were executed.

Average criminals

The reason for the high cost and length of the process lies in the careful legal proceedings

All these revealed circumstances are carefully investigated and rechecked, money, time and nerves are wasted. In addition, the authorities are in no hurry to take responsibility for the death sentences.

In most regions, only one type of the death penalty is legalized — injection. However, in a number of states, convicts can choose the method of execution themselves. Here

It should be noted that every year the prisoners have less and less room for maneuver. The above methods of execution are recognized as inhumane and are gradually being limited.

Despite the severity of the events, those condemned to death have an exclusive privilege, inaccessible to most ordinary people: they know the exact date of their death.

The day before the execution of the sentence, the prisoner is transferred to a special solitary room for death row. Such a room is better furnished than a prison cell. There is a regular bed, shower, clean toilet and a desk.

The convict is woken up at 4:30 in the morning. A standard breakfast is brought in 2 hours later. At 8 o’clock, the prisoner is allowed to meet with relatives and friends. If desired, the suicide bomber can ask for paper and pen to compose a farewell letter or order the last call.

In addition, until three o’clock in the afternoon, a person has the right to talk to a priest or psychologist. At 3 pm, the prison staff begin to prepare the place of execution.

At 16:00 the convict receives the ordered dinner. Florida order

At 17:30, the prisoner is brought to the place of execution, the court’s decision is read out to him again and he is given the right to have the last word. The relatives of the offender and the relatives of his victim are allowed to observe the execution, but no more than 5 people. At 18:00 the verdict is put into effect …

Today, the practice of the death penalty in the United States has many opponents from society and human rights organizations, and therefore is gradually disappearing.

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