How is fertility reduced in China and other countries?


At a time when Europe is experiencing a demographic crisis, the populations of Asia and Africa are growing at an alarming rate. Overpopulation aggravates the already difficult economic situation in developing countries, worsens the environment and provokes acute social tension.

In this article, you will learn about the three states that have adopted the most drastic measures to curb the birth rate.

The most famous example of a country that struggled with overpopulation. 1978 to 2016

The program provided for a fine of 4 to 8 average annual income in the region for the birth of a second child. Also, the family

The efforts have helped reduce the population by 400 million, according to local government estimates. The Chinese themselves consider the program a success. In 2019, the birth rate in the Middle Kingdom

True, foreign analysts associate the decline in the birth rate with economic factors. For 40 years, China has turned into a developed power and switched to a different type of population reproduction, as in Europe, the United States and Russia — low fertility, but good upbringing, education and provision of benefits.

In addition, selective abortion has become widespread in China. Parents deliberately got rid of female embryos, giving preference only to boys — the future breadwinners of the family.

Poverty, unemployment, high crime rates and government corruption are an unattractive reality in India. According to official statistics, abortions here account for a third of all pregnancies, and contraceptives are used by 48% of married women.

Surprisingly, despite such factors, the country’s population

Since 1951

It was voluntary, women were given a lump sum payment of 8 average salaries in the region. Men received weapons and a lottery ticket with the opportunity to win expensive equipment as a gift.

However, in reality, surgical operations were forced, sterilization took place in inappropriate conditions, without disinfection and without examinations. In 2009-2012 alone, surgery led to the deaths of more than 700 thousand women.

Since 2016, specialized clinics have begun to close. India now has a one-child policy — providing social services to the first-born only. But this method never solved the problem of high fertility among the poor in society.

State with 34 million population annually

Formally, Uzbekistan does not fight high birth rates in any way. but

Surgery to remove the uterus

Patients are not told anything about the crime. The scale of the program is unknown, but according to experts, it is about tens of thousands of people.