How harmful is sleeping with your smartphone under your pillow?


The mobile phone accompanies us almost everywhere. With him, people go to bed and wake up in the morning. According to

How harmful, scientifically, is such a close relationship with a gadget?

Radiation is divided into ionizing and non-ionizing. The first and most dangerous are X-rays, ultraviolet (in large quantities) and gamma rays. They

Non-ionizing radiation — visible and infrared light, micro and radio waves. These types of electromagnetic effects are conditionally safe for humans, but in some cases they can transfer their energy to molecules of substances, causing them to vibrate and heat up.

Mobile phone radiation refers to non-ionizing

In this regard, a smartphone is a safe item and nothing terrible should happen from its operation.

However, scientists recommend not rushing to conclusions. Over the past 20 years, researchers from different countries

As a result, they found out that «mobile radiation» does not cause any harm to health. Nevertheless, the smartphone itself can harm health through other negative effects that are imperceptible at first glance, but appear in the long term.

The smartphone is bad for our sleep. Lying in bed with a phone, a person preliminarily holds a gadget in his hand, reads the news, sits on social networks or chats. During this time, blue light waves emanating from the display disrupt the production of melatonin in the body.

Melatonin is a hormone responsible for the biological clock. It is he who causes sleepiness in the evening and is responsible for the quality of rest. The light from the display acts as a brain stimulant and reduces the amount of sleep hormone.

In addition to the possibility of harmful radiation, the included mobile phone

Thus, keeping a smartphone under the pillow and, in principle, nearby while sleeping is still harmful, even though the outgoing electromagnetic radiation is safe.