How do the descendants of Joseph Stalin live today?


Joseph Stalin is one of the most famous and controversial political figures in the Soviet Union. The leader did not leave much wealth to the family, and his heirs

Almost 70 years have passed since then.

Great-grandson Yakov is a descendant of Stalin’s eldest son, who died in Germany during the Second World War. He received his education in Moscow, and later chose the profession of life for himself — art.

Yakov learned the basics of painting in Tbilisi and London. His paintings have repeatedly appeared at large exhibitions in Great Britain and Georgia.

Now Stalin’s great-grandson is 48 years old. He lives in his homeland, Tbilisi. Jacob does not want to return to Russia as a foreigner, and

Yakov Evgenievich loves to communicate with the press, talk about his life and work. He

Stalin’s great-grandson, brother of Yakov. From childhood he studied at the Moscow school number 23. Then he moved to Georgia, where he graduated from the Agricultural Institute.

After the army, Vissarion entered the courses for scriptwriters and directors in Moscow. His most famous films are «Stone» and «Yakov, son of Stalin».

Since 2003 he has been living in the USA. Initially, the man went there as a tourist. And after that he asked for political asylum. His request he

Perhaps the most shocking personality among the descendants. She is the youngest daughter of Joseph Stalin’s only daughter. The girl was born in America, she was named Olga.

At the age of 16, she got married and decided to say goodbye not only to her surname, but also to her first name. Chris Evans loves dogs, drugs and Mexican food. But he doesn’t like the press and Russians at all. «I hate my grandfather, he is a real monster» —

At 49, she lives “to the fullest”: she makes new piercings and tattoos, and dyes her hair in all colors of the rainbow. A woman rents a house in Portland and works as the CEO of a small company WiseFool (literally from English «Wise Fool»

The world learned about the grandson of Joseph Stalin recently, in 2016. Long before that, Yuri Davydov

The man underwent a DNA test to confirm the relationship. It turned out that 99.98% of Yuri’s chromosomes coincided with the chromosomes of Alexander Burdonsky, a descendant of Joseph Stalin.

In the 1910s, Stalin was sent into exile in Siberia, where he met Lydia Pereplygina. After their relationship, the father of Yuri Davydov, Alexander, was born. The leader never saw his son, but tried to find him in order to take him to Moscow. This was never done.

Yuri all his life

Ekaterina Zhdanova, Stalin’s granddaughter, was born in 1950. Her parents quickly separated and the girl stayed with her father. With him she traveled to Altai, the Caucasus and Baikal. The girl learned to be a geophysicist and in 1977 went to study the active volcano — Klyuchevskaya Sopka.

After her husband’s suicide, she began to lead a reclusive lifestyle. The woman practically does not leave the house, she prefers to avoid meetings with neighbors and journalists. She continues to work at the Institute of Volcanology. But according to colleagues, he rarely appears in his office.