Expansive bullets: why are they dangerous and why were they forbidden to be used in wars?


Expansive bullets are a terrifying invention of military engineers. Compared to conventional ammunition, dum-dum bullets have a much higher lethality.

During the Chitral military

This is partly due to the fact that shell bullets do not deform at the moment they hit the target, do not transfer impact energy to it, literally pierce the tissue, but right through — after such a wound, you can most likely survive. Soldiers died only if they hit important organs.

After that, the command of the British forces

During the second Boer War, British Army soldiers

The use of «dum-dum» has caused outrage among the governments of developed countries. Bullets are increasingly recognized as an inhuman and violating «tradition of valor» means. Already 5 years after their creation, they were

Participants in the Hague Peace Conferences from almost all over the world have promised not to use too dangerous weapons in conflicts. True, they repeatedly violated them in the First World War.

For example, Russia due to the lack of Mosin rifles

Although they are prohibited for use by armies during combat, this does not preclude the use of ammunition for hunting and shooting personal weapons. In the United States and some other countries, it is freely available for sale.

Also, expansive bullets are still used by some special forces units when a line-point elimination of targets is needed.

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