Ethiopian dam — megaproject that could drain the Nile and lead to massive war


The Hydase hydroelectric power station is the cause of the acute conflict between Ethiopia and Egypt, which threatens to turn into a major war in Africa. China has already expressed its position to defend the interests of Ethiopia, and the United States is actively supporting Egypt.

Why did the Ethiopian dam become the subject of a fierce controversy, and how does it affect the interests of world powers?

Ethiopia is building not just a dam, but the most powerful hydroelectric power plant on the continent: the reservoir will be able to hold 74 km³, and the power of the hydroelectric power plant will be 6.45 gigawatts. However, this megaproject could be a disaster for neighboring Egypt.

The fact is that the Ethiopian hydroelectric power plant is being built on the Blue Nile River, the right tributary of the Nile. From Antiquity to the present day, the entire economy of Egypt is based on this river. It is the backbone of the country’s agriculture and power generation.

Egyptians fear river shallowing and economic collapse because of Ethiopian dam

If for the Egyptians the appearance of a dam on the Nile is tantamount to death, for the Ethiopians it is the only chance to wrest the country out of African poverty.

Today 45% of Ethiopia’s population

At the same time, Ethiopians hope to catch fish in the reservoir — up to 7 thousand tons annually. The state has no outlet to the sea, and locusts regularly attack crops. Therefore, fish will be an excellent tool for defeating hunger. Generally

Ethiopians began building the dam in 2011, during the Arab Spring, when Egypt was plunged into chaos of anti-government protests. At that moment, the Egyptian authorities could not influence the situation with the dam and were simply trying to survive.

Subsequently, Ethiopia never reached an agreement with its neighbors. In fact, she has already completed the hydroelectric power plant and started filling her reservoir.

Egypt offered Ethiopia to fill the reservoir only during the rainy season, passing 40 km³ of water through the dam a year. So the reservoir will be filled for more than 20 years, but the Egyptians will have the opportunity to prepare for the shallowing of the Nile.

However, Ethiopia

Summer 2020 Donald Trump

China took custody of Ethiopia. The Celestial Empire is Addis Ababa’s main investor and lender, which has invested heavily in a hydroelectric plant, renovates the country’s power lines and builds transport infrastructure. In fact, China controls the entire region through a dam, and the Americans don’t like that.

If war breaks out between Ethiopia and Egypt, US and Chinese support will only make it worse.

Most likely, they will be used to foment the Civil War, and the prosperous region will turn into a testing ground for confrontation between the United States and China.