Christianity and Islam: what are the main differences between the two religions?


Islam and Christianity are similar religions. They are based on faith in one God, bring up similar moral principles and lead the origins of the doctrine from common biblical characters. The texts of the Bible and the Koran are similar in many ways.

However, there are many differences in these religions, and many believers single out their religion as the main one.

The main difference between religions lies in the understanding of the essence of God. From the point of view of Christianity, the nature of God is covered in three Persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

In Islam, Allah is represented in one Person, and its nature is incomprehensible for human comprehension. By the way, «Allah» is not a proper name, but the Arabic translation of the word «God».

Jesus Christ is not recognized by God in Islam, but is considered one of the greatest prophets. Also

Believing Christians are convinced that priests are the successors of the apostles, mediators between God and people. Also revered are icons — the embodiment of God, and holy relics — a part of divine grace, preserved in the bones, ashes or fragments of clothing of saints.

Muslims deny the existence of any intermediaries between people and God. Each person can communicate with the Lord personally, for this it is not even necessary to come to the mosque. However, people need Qur’anic interpreters who can clarify an incomprehensible text and recite a prayer.


There are no sacred attributes in Islam. Holy relics are a manifestation of fetishism, that is, the endowment of inanimate objects with supernatural powers. A similar attitude exists with crosses.

Contrary to popular belief, the crescent moon is not a religious symbol of Islam, but is a decoration of a Muslim. However, only the Word — prayer — matters.

In Christianity, God communicated directly with man more than once. For example, with Moses. In Islam, Allah’s desires are conveyed by his angels.

People must obey the will of God, but in Christianity they are endowed with the right to freedom and action. A

According to Christian theologians, the existence of Islam is due to the freedom of choice given to a person. A man wrote the Koran and declared its text a new religion. It’s the same with other beliefs.

According to Islamic theologians, the text of the Koran was dictated personally by angels.

These are far from all the differences between Christianity and Islam. Also, in both religions, there are dozens of movements that differ in details and interpret events in different ways. However, they have much more in common: history, morality and general meaning.

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