Can the charger be left plugged in?


Surely many of us left charging from the gadget in the outlet overnight. Sometimes people do this on purpose, day and night and for several months. Does this affect the life of the device?

Leaving the device unattended in the socket is a gross violation of fire safety regulations. The cheaper the charger, the higher the risk of breakage and short circuits.

It is rather difficult to understand in time whether the device is broken or not. The defective charger starts to get very hot. If this happens after disconnecting the gadget from the device, you should immediately replace it with a new one. Unfortunately, people rarely pay attention to such little things.

In the worst case, the plastic in the appliance will melt and ignite. In this case, a short circuit can occur even with a working device, for example, with a voltage surge in the network. This problem can be solved by using surge protectors.

Children are another good reason to unplug the charger on time. The fact is that the power supply continues to consume energy even in a passive state.

The child can gnaw through the wire, push foreign objects into the connector and receive a slight but painful electric shock. The same problem occurs with animals. Better to hide electrical appliances away from them.

Even without a gadget, the adapter consumes power. In year

Average phone charger

In 12 years, the charger will inevitably become scarred, lost or broken. It might just be out of date. However, if the consumer is confident in his accuracy and thrift, then this is another argument to pull the device out of the socket at night.

In general, if you have good wiring in the house, there is an automatic protection against voltage surges, there are no children or animals, then the charging can be left.