7 amazing places on the planet that everyone should see and visit


There are many places on Earth that are not so popular among tourists, although they deserve more attention. And many of them
created not by hands, but by nature, which makes them even more unique and attractive.

In Thingvellir National Park, there is the Silfra Fault, which is Icelandic “silver gorge”. Geologists believe that this is where part of the border between Eurasia and North America passes.

The water coming here from the Lungjökull glacier is so clear and transparent that the visibility is over 100 meters. That is why divers have chosen these lands so much. The main entertainment here is to find a narrow spot in the Selfira Fault so that you can touch two continents at the same time.

Shondong is considered to be the largest cave on the planet: its volume is estimated at more than 38.5 million m³. It was discovered by local residents in the early 90s, and the first large studies

Shondong is a unique world that in spring is almost completely filled with water due to the flood of an underwater river, with its ecosystem, grass, trees and even clouds.

Floris is the Portuguese «Island of Flowers» located in the Atlantic Ocean and part of the Azores. This place is called that because of

For a long time, the island was used by the French military as a training ground. Now it is an ideal place for tourists who love the ocean and lakes, flowering valleys and vineyards, rocks and bizarre remains of extinct volcanoes.

The name of this place is translated as «Yellow Dragon». Huanglong Sanctuary is known for its natural calcareous tuff terraces, travertine lakes, China’s tallest Zhaga waterfall, rare animals (such as the giant panda) and plants.

For those who find themselves in these places, it may seem that the fairy tale has become a reality. This is because the soil in Dongchuan

The result is spectacular landscapes: blue skies, red soil, green fields and flowers in a wide variety of colors. Locals call these places the «lost palette of God.»

The Abuna Yamata Cave Church, located in the mountainous Geralt region of North Ethiopia, was

The building is carved out of a cliff at an altitude of about 250 meters: it will take a lot of time and effort to climb here. The church is a place of pilgrimage for all Christians in Africa; local clergymen try to preserve their ancient customs to this day.

Desert in the middle of the jungle. The place is covered with sand dunes

The sands are constantly moving due to the Atlantic wind, regularly changing their shape. And in the formed lagoons with crystal clear water, you can always swim.

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