6 new countries that may appear over the next 30 years


The emergence of a new state on the world map is a rare and complex process. However, today there are regions on the planet whose inhabitants have been striving for independence for a long time and are close to creating their own country.

This Spanish region has been fighting for its independence since its loss in the 15th century. The Catalans believe that the central government is oppressing and robbing them, and they will live better in their country.

In 2014 was

The situation has become extremely aggravated: the likelihood that Catalonia will become independent is extremely high. Any economic crisis or political turmoil can trigger the Catalans, who will not miss the chance to regain their independence.

In 2011, Libya overthrew its leader Muammar Gaddafi. Since then, real chaos has been going on here. The civil war has not abated here for 10 years.

The reason is that different ethnic groups live on the territory of the country, each of which wanted to live in its own state. After the death of Gaddafi, they cannot share power, the regions do not obey the center, everyone is at war against everyone.

Everything goes to the fact that Libya will soon be divided into at least 2 parts.

Neither the UN nor the intervention of the United States, Russia and other countries succeeded in holding the country together. The region will either be divided into several states, or the war for power will never end here.

Today Scotland is part of Great Britain. However, for a long time she wants to gain independence. In 2014, the Scots held a secession referendum, in which 55% of residents

It would seem that the issue of independence has been resolved. However, after 2 years, Britain decided to leave the European Union, and the Scots were against it.

So an independent Scotland will most likely appear on the maps in a couple of years. True, experts are confident that the country is not yet economically ready for such a step, since it is too tied to the UK.

Kurds are one of the most numerous nationalities among those who live without their own state. Today, their historical homeland is part of 4 countries at once: Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria.

Since 2011, a civil war has been going on in Syria, and in the east of the country, the Kurds managed to organize their army and government. They did the same in Iraq, but later they were ousted by Turkey.


Belgium is historically divided into 2 regions: Flanders in the north and Wallonia in the south. They have different economies, different languages ​​and constant conflicts with each other.

Regions regularly live without government: the last time it lasted almost 2 years. Nationalists on both sides believe that if such crises recur, Belgium will split in half.

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