6 largest peoples living in China


China is the most populous country in the world. It is home to 1.5 billion people. Few people know, but not only Chinese live here 🙂 This country includes 56 nationalities.

The main people of China. To this ethnic group

Although the Chinese authorities consider the Han people to be a single people, in fact, these are dozens of sub-ethnic groups with their own dialects and cultures. Total

The official language is Mandarin or Mandarin Chinese. At the same time, the inhabitants of South China speak both in it and in their own dialect, sometimes quite different from the standard language.

The largest minority of the Celestial Empire is 18 million people. This nation has its own language, similar to Thai, professes Buddhism and is etymologically close to Thailand and Myanmar, but not to China.

Many people still live by traditions and customs. The Zhuangs grow rice and corn. These crops make up the daily diet. Soups, cereals and even wine are made from rice! People live in two-story wooden houses built on stilts. Part of the population supports the religion of ancient ancestors — animism.

In addition to common Chinese holidays, people of this nationality

People living in northeast China. Number

The main occupations are growing wheat, corn, rice. Livestock raising, hunting, jewelry and weapons craft are also developed. Their work is rich in shamanic traditions and beliefs.

Also, a large ethnic minority of China — 9.8 million people, is located in the north of the country. Unlike the Han people

Like other Muslims, Huis actively celebrate Ramadan, the days of the birth and death of the Prophet Muhammad, and other religious holidays.

The north of China is still

Mongols are trying with all their might to preserve their language

Muslim people living in the west of the country in Xinjiang province. This region is one of the most remote in China. Currently, the government of the country is subjecting the Uyghurs to severe persecution.

Penalties have already been introduced for the use of the Uyghur language and the promotion of cultural traditions. Police

The nation is under constant surveillance: cameras are hanging everywhere, people are forced to donate DNA samples for databases and download tracking applications to their phones.

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